Adam Kunz

Oshawa, Ontario


Who's that?

When I learned how to read, it was at a DOS prompt. Specifically with this bad boy.
I wrote my first web site with notepad, my second with Microsoft Front Page '95.

I've had a lot of practice since then.

I specialize in end to end solutions, from design to delivery. Product services are delivered via feature-rich REST API's, and consumed by beautifully responsive single-page applications. These apps are fast!

As a long time Linux enthusiast and Full Stack Developer, I feel very at home on the command line. I always install and configure my own environments, and love writing little scripts and aliases to make my life easier.

Skill Set (horizontal scroll)

var skills = { 'System Administration' : { Linux : ['Debian', 'Ubuntu', 'Fedora', 'SuSE', 'Arch'], Services : [ 'Apache', 'nginx', 'PostgreSQL', 'MySQL', 'SQL Server', 'Redis', 'MongoDB', 'GitLab', 'Samba', 'Postfix', 'OpenSSH', 'OpenDNS', 'OpenVPN' ], Cloud : ['AWS', 'Digital Ocean'], Virtualization : ['VMware', 'VirtualBox', 'Vagrant'], }, 'API Development' : { PHP : ['php5', 'php7', 'Laravel 5'] , JavaScript : ['node.js', 'express.js', ''], }, 'Front End Development' : { Templating : ['HTML5', 'CSS3', 'SASS', 'bootstrap.css'], JavaScript : ['angular.js', 'webpack.js', 'gulp.js'] }, 'Unity3D Game Development' : 'C#.NET', 'Embedded & Electronics' : { SOC : ['Arduino', 'Raspberry Pi', 'BeagleBoard'], 'Digital Controls' : ['relays', 'switches', 'sensors', 'actuators', 'displays'], "Custom ROM's" : ['Android', 'Routers', 'etc...'] } }
A long, long place ago, in a time far, far away from here, I might have considered myself a "Microsoft" guy.
IIS, AD, Exchange, WSUS, SQL Server, etc...
Most of that has been left out for brevity's sake.


Durham College  2014 - 2019

Part time professor; School of Business, Management, and IT.

bitChisel Interactive  2011 - 2019

Founder & full stack developer.
  • Work with clients to define and develop the business problem, outline the technical requirements, and build / implement the solution
  • Services include software / web / mobile design and development, Windows / Linux network and database administration, server and workstation deployments / upgrades / maintenance
  • Maintain the company books, manage client relationships, and all other aspects of running a small business

Impulse Solutions  2014 - 2018

Technical Lead.
  • Full stack development for an assortment of internal and external clients.
  • Create and maintain development and production environments via Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3).
  • Implemented source control and issue tracking with GitLab.
  • Full architecture and development of:

Fun in Progress, Inc.  2012 - 2013

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
  • Technology startup focused on creating a platform that collects market research data (surveys) from mobile/web game players
  • Heavily involved in directing the vision and strategy of the company
  • Product front-end with Backbone.js, server-side REST API using PHP5 and PostgreSQL
  • Developed game logic using the Unity3D framework and C#.NET platform
  • Maintained excellent documentation and effectively communicated technical trade-offs and roadblocks to non-technical co-founder on a daily basis
  • Instituted project management best practices across all areas of the organization

Ontario Public Service, Ministry of Revenue  2009 - 2011

Project Management Support Officer, SMSB. []
  • Responsible for organizing, editing, reviewing, and providing project documentation to business areas, as well as writing and executing test scripts against a large mainframe system
  • User acceptance testing for government initiatives such as Sales Tax Reform, the Business Directory, and the Guelph Data Centre transition

Durham College  2006 - 2009

Full Time Student
  • Three year advanced diploma, Computer Programmer Analyst.
  • Much of what you'd expect from a programming course, plus an added emphasis on business and business applications, including Project Management, Operations Management, Human Resources, etc...

Direct Energy Business Solutions  2004 - 2006

Digital Controls Technician
  • Heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment for commercial and industrial clients
  • Configure and maintain networks of thousands of individual sensors and controls over RS-232 networks. Configure and maintain cross-site links over TCP/IP networks
  • Design and implement control interfaces using proprietary software